Something be amiss in the kingdom of Sanrio?

It depends on  How  you cook the number

“Okay, we have a question for you. How many of you personally know someone who’s fallen under the spell of Sanrio? We’re guessing, quite a lot. The sheer number of characters the company has come up with during its 54-year history is truly amazing, not to mention the immense appeal and popularity some of these characters enjoy across the world. Even if you’re not a passionate fan, if you have even a remote fondness for anything kawaii, then you’re bound to have a favorite Sanrio character, which is why Sanrio has a popularity poll for its characters each year, called the Sanrio Character Ranking.”
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First Hello Kitty Admission

I am in the process of closing out my fury Live Journal account due to a lack in use. But first I been going through some of my old post and found this one. I made this post the day when I first started buying Hello Kitty items for myself. Also I was very unsure about it, myself or what others would think and never thought it would go as far as it does today.

Sinking into the depth of Kawainess

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Exeter woman says £50,000 Hello Kitty collection stops her finding love

Exeter woman says £50,000 Hello Kitty collection stops her finding love
There even a video news story on it

She has more than 4000 items. I hope she paid cash. of course this impedes her her love life As guys object to her collection to which sahe give them them  shove off. Ah if I was only younger. My suggestion to her is look at other geek fandom like Anime and Furry.

P.S We have the same Giant Hello Kitty plush.