Guys love Hello Kitty too! A Panel at Hello Kitty KItty Con 2014

Male fans will finally  get their say  at Hello KItty Con 2014.  The panel Guys Love Hello Kitty too will be at 4:00pm on Thursday October 30th. Featuring our own Hello Kitty Guy.  To bad I cannot attend due to unemployment.

I also heard  MR Hello Kitty Hell is making the rounds at the con. Say hello to him for me.

Hello Kitty For Men Part II

There been a few times where Sanrio had ventured  into the men market. There was the 2007 Hello Kitty for men line in Japan. A few years back Sanrio produced the  Hello Kitty X Kiss and  Hello Kitty  X Street Fighter  in Men’s and Women’s  sizes.  Now, it look like  Hello Kitty  ready to pounce back into the market with the Hello Kitty Men Project.

From the Japanese site:

Message from Hello Kitty

kept you waiting your boy.

Everyone boy, Hello!

Is Kitty. Until now, I have got to love a lot of girls but you know, it was thought for a long time. And not just a girl, and  the need is also for  the boy. So, I am for the first time. To create a kitty for boys, HELLO KITTY MEN Project! The first  exhibition of T-shirt made ​​in conjunction with designer’s. Right, cool huh? In the future, to deliver more and more the shape of a new kitty. I been looking forward to. HELLO KITTY MEN Project Start!

(edited  bad Goggle translation)

I hope this time  Sanrio Sanrio sell the items in the US.

Of course Hello KItty has one more thing going for her: nobody thought in 2007, a show about ponies, for little girls, would appeal to grown men.