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1 April 2015  Akab News:

Sanrio Digital  teams up with Gordon Ramsey of Kitchen Nightmares  in reboot  of Hello Kitty Café game.

In a surprised announcement  Sanrio Digital has  inked preliminary deal with  Gordon Ramsay, of Kitchen Nightmares fame,   in a reboot of Hello Kitty Café.  The game starts out the payer  and Hello Kitty running  the day-to-day cafe operations.  The Play can turn  cafe into the cutest, coziest and happiest place ever. Hire their  favorite Sanrio characters to help,  but as the game  progresses,  it become more difficult  to manage employees, and  supplies. One starts to anger and lose customers.  At this time, the payer  receives a special visit by Gordon  Ramsay who helps the play to revamp the menu, become more efficient manager  and make  a hard decision  to fire Pochacco. Developers plan to release the game in mid July for IOS, Android  and Windows platforms.


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Hello Kitty Men Project Part II

As I posted  earlier, Sanrio has entered the  men’s market  with the  Hello Kitty Men Project . Sanrio is  trying make Hello Kitty cool for men. I am glad  for the  effort but  puzzled by the small scale of the project  and  subtleness of the line. First I was hoping for  something  more overtly Hello Kitty than just a  bow. Not  just bow,  I want to see  Hello Kitty on the men’s line.

Another issue as reported in Forbes magazine  there was only limited quantity and limited  number stores in Japan especially for  the shoes. I was hoping for a  larger release  especially in the US.

Moreover, nobody thought in 2010 a show about magical ponies aimed at little girls  would attract a large group of men and teens. The Bronies proven it can be done, but unlike Hasbro, Sanrio always wanted the male market.



Lordy Lordy Kitty and Mimmy are 40

Today  is Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday.  It is my  tradition to  fire Up Hello Kitty Online and  say happy birthday to Kitty White and her sister Mimmy.  I know Kitty get all the attention  and Mimmy was revealed later.

No need to write a long retrospective . There a lot  of that in the media because of Hello Kitty’s 40th  anniversary  and Kitty Con 2014.  One new story did get  my ire,  Business Week’s  piece Hello Kitty a Victim of Disney’s Frozen Juggernaut. This is pure  poppycock. Hello Kitty has been around for 40 years. Frozen is hot in 2014 but I guarantee you Frozen will be in the Yard sale bin five years later. Toy Story and Lilo and Stitch were the big thing years ago, but where are they now, are they big as Hello Kitty? Come back to this article in ten years and tell me who remembers Frozen. There still will be Hello Kitty fans who grew up with her.

I noticed one thing with curt rumblings at Kitty Con and the Hello Kitty  Men project: can 2015 be the year of the Male Hello Kitty Fan? I hope so.

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