Lordy Lordy Kitty and Mimmy are 40

Today  is Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday.  It is my  tradition to  fire Up Hello Kitty Online and  say happy birthday to Kitty White and her sister Mimmy.  I know Kitty get all the attention  and Mimmy was revealed later.

No need to write a long retrospective . There a lot  of that in the media because of Hello Kitty’s 40th  anniversary  and Kitty Con 2014.  One new story did get  my ire,  Business Week’s  piece Hello Kitty a Victim of Disney’s Frozen Juggernaut. This is pure  poppycock. Hello Kitty has been around for 40 years. Frozen is hot in 2014 but I guarantee you Frozen will be in the Yard sale bin five years later. Toy Story and Lilo and Stitch were the big thing years ago, but where are they now, are they big as Hello Kitty? Come back to this article in ten years and tell me who remembers Frozen. There still will be Hello Kitty fans who grew up with her.

I noticed one thing with curt rumblings at Kitty Con and the Hello Kitty  Men project: can 2015 be the year of the Male Hello Kitty Fan? I hope so.

hello international Kitty mimmy

Guys love Hello Kitty too! A Panel at Hello Kitty KItty Con 2014

Male fans will finally  get their say  at Hello KItty Con 2014.  The panel Guys Love Hello Kitty too will be at 4:00pm on Thursday October 30th. Featuring our own Hello Kitty Guy.  To bad I cannot attend due to unemployment.

I also heard  MR Hello Kitty Hell is making the rounds at the con. Say hello to him for me.

Hello Kitty For Men Part II

There been a few times where Sanrio had ventured  into the men market. There was the 2007 Hello Kitty for men line in Japan. A few years back Sanrio produced the  Hello Kitty X Kiss and  Hello Kitty  X Street Fighter  in Men’s and Women’s  sizes.  Now, it look like  Hello Kitty  ready to pounce back into the market with the Hello Kitty Men Project.

From the Japanese site:

Message from Hello Kitty

kept you waiting your boy.

Everyone boy, Hello!

Is Kitty. Until now, I have got to love a lot of girls but you know, it was thought for a long time. And not just a girl, and  the need is also for  the boy. So, I am for the first time. To create a kitty for boys, HELLO KITTY MEN Project! The first  exhibition of T-shirt made ​​in conjunction with designer’s. Right, cool huh? In the future, to deliver more and more the shape of a new kitty. I been looking forward to. HELLO KITTY MEN Project Start!

(edited  bad Goggle translation)

I hope this time  Sanrio Sanrio sell the items in the US.

Of course Hello KItty has one more thing going for her: nobody thought in 2007, a show about ponies, for little girls, would appeal to grown men.