EBay’s Detail Sellers Ratings Cassini Hurts Collectable Buyers

While I do not sell much Hello Kitty Items on the net, I noticed many of my sales of other items were dropping off. The problem is EBay has instituted a new Detail Sellers Rating (DSR) and the new Search algorithm, Cassini that rewards large institutional sellers and knock-off Chinese goods but hurt small and casual sellers. In the past both large and small casual sellers were treated equally on EBay. This system penalizes the casual market to the determent to sellers and collectable buyers alike.

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Kenwood Sanrio Announces Hello Kitty Ham Radio Collaboration

HK Ham Radio

April 1 2014

Tokyo. QTC News, Hello Kitty has been a busy feline in the last few months. First here was the announcement of the Simpson X Hello Kitty collaboration and Colette Hello Kitty X Playboy collection. Now Sanrio and Kenwood announce a joint collaboration to create limited edition Hello Kitty Ham radio gear. Details are sketchy but be assure Hello Kitty will be featured prominently, quotes  Yuko Yamaguchi, hello kitty chief designer.

Not be outshine, Baofeng announces a limited Hello Kitty edition of their popular UV-5R V2+

Kenwood Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of amateur radio as well as hi-fi and portable audio equipment.

SANRIO, best known for global icon Hello Kitty® and home to many more endearing characters including Chococat®, My Melody®, and Keroppi®, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. August 2010 marks the golden anniversary for the worldwide lifestyle brand that was founded on the “small gift, big smile®” philosophy – that a small gift can bring a big smile to people of all ages. Today, over 50,000 Sanrio-branded items are sold in over 70 countries around the world. In the Western Hemisphere SANRIO character-branded products are sold in upwards of 12,000 locations including department, specialty, national chain stores and over 95 Sanrio boutiques. For more information, please visit www.sanrio.com.

Hello Kitty Grows Up Another Play for the Male Market.

I always thought Hello Kitty was an age morphs; having the ability to change age at will. In some products she seems to be around six, she is listed as nine years old buy but other products like Moonberry she shows her adult side being around her twenties or so. I

am quite amused hearing that French clothing and accessories retailer Colette is introducing a line of Hello Kitty x Playboy items with the blessing of both Playboy and Sanrio.

I it seems to be odd and I wonder is this a play for Male fans but it does prove Hello Kitty is not just for Little Girls.

Story at Anime News Network.