Charlize Theron Having a Bale, Clooney, Cruise Moment

First of up, we know about how some celebrities who love Hello Kitty  now we have a hater,  Charlize Theron   has a message to all you adults fans,  to 30-something women: Drop the Hello Kitty

“In “Young Adult,” Charlize Theron plays a depressed aging mean girl who isn’t all that likable. And she plays it really well, according to The Washington Post’s Michael O’Sullivan.

At a New York Times’s TimeTalks panel last Friday, Theron revealed her one demand for the stunted character’s wardrobe: a Hello Kitty T-shirt.

But it’s not because she’s a fan of 30-something women wearing Sanrio’s pervasive cute cat. Quite the opposite.

“I’m pretty amazed by Hello Kitty. Here’s why … I see so many women in their 30s walking around in Hello Kitty [expletive] and nobody’s concerned for them,” Theron said, as the film’s director Jason Reitman and the audience laughed. “It’s the one teenage iconic thing that’s okay for 30 year olds to have.” 

Now as I was driving home thinking about this it dawn on me how Thoron ordered her character’s hello kitty shirt to troll and impugn 30-year-old hell kitty fans. Oh how mature is that. Sound like a immature playground squabble and Mr Theron needs a timeout.  It makes me wonder what her response to about Kitty us loving men; it my give her a heart attack.

Anyway, time will tell if she is having a Bale, Clooney, Cruise moment.

It a free country, we adults like Hello Kitty, deal with it.

Male Hello Kitty Fan a Statutory Rapist?

I just read a disturbing report of a guy who is a Hello kitty fan busted for  unlawful acts with minors under the age of 18. I am not going list any sites. The problem is the lack of corroborating evidence. I check the local papers  I did not see evidence of arrest or arraignment. Usually this  is big news and besides the police will release the story inorder to bring on additional witnesses and victims.

If anything changes s I will update this post.

Hiding Hello Kitty

Torn about displaying my love for Sanrio in public.

We all talk about displaying and showing our love for Hello Kitty at work and in public but how about time we feel need to hide our love for Hello Kitty.

I am very public about my display of Sanrio in tuck and in public have to confess I am still haunted over the end of my last contract at Intel. My last coworkers say displaying Sanrio items and Hello Kitty Backpack was not the issue; still I get a feeling they were not up front with me. Right now I am torn, I do not want to hide who I am but at the same times I do not want to lose my current position because I like to keep Hello Kitty items in my truck or my backpack. I tried for a while hide them like putting an outer backpack over my Hello Kitty book bag.  I could not stand it after a while. I felt was smothering who I am. Now it is getting around my new job that I am a bit different and now I am on pin and needles. I do not want to hide my Love for the Cute One but at the same time, I want to keep my job. That is where I stand now.

It Kumoricon Time Update (Your Invited)

A little update now that Kumoricon schedule has been posted. I could not reveal any time or date  information until  the schedule was published.  This year my big Chococat will be making the rounds.

I am trying  to organize a Hello Kitty Junkies meet up in conjunction with the Hello Kitty Panel ran by Tiffany Grant, one of the guest of honor, at Live one Pavilion East Sunday 1:30pm. The Panel is from 1:30pm to 2:30 but I am blocking out time for meeting and greet afterward. Other are invited as well. If you are interested, I will be having a panel Otaku over 30, a panel for older Anime fans on Saturday. 

I invite anybody coming to Kumoricon to both panels