First Hello Kitty Admission

I am in the process of closing out my fury Live Journal account due to a lack in use. But first I been going through some of my old post and found this one. I made this post the day when I first started buying Hello Kitty items for myself. Also I was very unsure about it, myself or what others would think and never thought it would go as far as it does today.

Sinking into the depth of Kawainess

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Hello Sermon

From Minnesota   Union Dispatch

1 April 2013

Hello Sermon

Mega Church pastor tones thing down after 2009 Highway to Hell controversy.

Perry Noble in an attempt to placate critics plans new sermon series on spiritual principals of Hello Kitty.    Perry in an interview say Hello Kitty is a cultural icon and relevant to what we do here at Newsprings.  What has been leaked so for about the schedule is murky;

First week: you can never has to many friends: bring somebody to church, we need your seat.

Second week: always share; remember to leave your tithe and seed offerings.

Final Week: be brave; have audacious faith.

Critics claimed that Mr. Noble is just trying to get a jump ahead of announcement of Kiss and Hello Kitty TV Series on the Hub.

Commentator and Bible teach Chist Rosebrough I could not be reach for comment.


Update Sanrio has released a press statement:

Sanrio®, the owner of the Hello Kitty® property, wishes to correct misconceptions cast by recent news reports suggesting that we are involved in Narcissistic Eisegesis of scripture. Sanrio has not authorized Narcissistic Eisegesis twisiting of scripture and does not condone the use of our intellectual property for the purposes of marketing this sermon series.

A Change in Direction

I had been thinking about the direction of my blog for a while. When I started this blog it was about my love of Hello Kitty and other characters for a standpoint of being a Male fan, and in a way tweak Mr. Hello Kitty Hell.  But as I joined other sites like   Hello Kitty Junkies felt there something missing: in-depth news and commentary on the culture of Hello Kitty and Friends.  Most of site I been to are about shopping a displaying purchases; that fine I wanted more. I guess the issue being a vast majority of participating in the forum and blogs are women, A Men for Mars and Women from Venus is going on.

I going to make some changes to this blog, I still focus my life as a Male Hello Kitty fan but I going to add more new and commentary.

Change one the name: Thanks to an article the name for Hello Kitty fans is Kittilers not Kittyler, I was spelling wrong all this time.

The goals of my blog regardless of how little readers I get is :

1. A place to share my commentary on News and media involving the Culture of Sanrio  and Hello Kitty

2.    Yuko Yamaguchi: answered this question  in  an interview

Q:”What will Hello Kitty be doing in 10 years?

A: In 10 years’ time, everybody around the world will know her. Also, the number of male and female fans will be the same. Men who are still reluctant to be seen with Kitty in public today might be wearing Hello Kitty boxers. But they will eventually stop being shy and will show off Kitty proudly.

My goal is to see this happen.

3.  Still share  my life as a Male Hello Kitty Fan.

4. Have fun while doing 1, 2, and 3.


So I invite you to join me in my new endeavor.


This Too Shall Pass

 Last post I was bogging about Erik Epperson, a 22 year old man why was arrested for traveling to California to engage in sexual contact with a 14 year old minor.  What is alarming to this male Hello Kitty fan is the statement:

“When interviewed by police, Epperson allegedly claimed that he could not find girls older than 18 to date because of his own “15-year-old girl personality” and love of cute things, such as Hello Kitty, a Japanese-designed fictional character.”

At first I was hoping this would be just a sick hoax but new we have confirmation here and here.

My mind  is going into overdrive worrying about how others may look at me. I wonder will other look at me with suspicion when  I walk down the street with my Hello Kitty backpack. Then I had to putt ideas form my own furry experiences. The I dove into my own experiences as a furry.  We in the fandom do have our share of black sheep. There was the spat over Alan David Berlin A  fur that was caught soliciting a minor for sex. While there was controversy and the threat of pinning  furries are molesters by mundanes ; eventually controversy died down and the furry community went on with life. The same with Mr. Epperson. We male Hello Kitty fans would have very little  to worry about.

This Too Shall Pass


Ps. Perhaps Mr Epperson will become Alan David Berlin prison (roommate)