Caption This: The Occasional Funny HKO Picture

There been a bug in the recent patch of Hello Kitty Online. It has to do how item are popping up in player’s accessory pants  slot that causes the pants not to be rendered on to the payer charters leaving them naked from the waste down .   

Well this picture leaves an opportunity for a little game. I am putting up this picture and you leave a caption in the comments.


1, 2, 3 Streak

Pants on the ground
Pants on the ground
Lookin’ like a fool with you pants on the ground


Relevance fail: Sanrio Digital attempt to appeal to the Hip Hop culture by introducing Sagging; unfortunately with disastrous results


Any more?

End of an Adventure?

When I completed the Little Twin Star quest, I was told to see Mimi to help save Hello Kitty; at that time, I knew I was on the final arc.

The first series of quest was to build a detector and find the key. It was easy and soon I found the key; but it did not work. The key need a magic spell to restore function.   I need to craft need three items.  The quest, arc was in three parts that took me back old haunts, monsters, and NPCs in London, Paris, Florapolis, and Sanrio Harbor.  It was to me a mini-review of my quest in the past year

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Farewell and a New Guild Direction

I recently decided to leave the AllStar Scouts guild only on the NA server and become a free agent. I wall be working on guild ideas within either Hello Kitty Junkies or Furry communities While I am not vindictive, I am somewhat disappointed that the AllStar Scouts have not even placed in the Chocolate event. It shows the state of the guild and a few key players left the guild in the last few weeks makes me question the state of the guild. Godspeed to all my former guild mates

Speaking of furries, I been slowly infiltrating the furry fandom in bring furries over to the Kitty side. Recently I have started a Hello Kitty Furs group on a large Ning social network dedicated to furry fandom. In the first week, I have 12 members. The march to influence the Furry fandom in the name of the kitty continues.