EBay’s Detail Sellers Ratings Cassini Hurts Collectable Buyers

While I do not sell much Hello Kitty Items on the net, I noticed many of my sales of other items were dropping off. The problem is EBay has instituted a new Detail Sellers Rating (DSR) and the new Search algorithm, Cassini that rewards large institutional sellers and knock-off Chinese goods but hurt small and casual sellers. In the past both large and small casual sellers were treated equally on EBay. This system penalizes the casual market to the determent to sellers and collectable buyers alike.

Now   how the system work is the buyer now leaves a five star rating system based on item decryption, communications, shipping time and shipping charges.  In itself SSR is harmless except for poor sellers, but now couple with Cassini. The new system gives a one two punch to small sellers.  This is because   Cassini uses DSR, sell through rate to determines of one item is listed on the best matched list. Furthermore    Cassini and Detail Sellers Ratings is  based on volume  rather than quality of the seller, a good  but small or casual seller will face a penalty while  large Chinese bootleggers are rewarded by EBay.  As a result casual seller’s account could be severely restrict in listing item or even block from selling items on EBay.

When I started in 2008, I say a third of my acquisitions came from the used market on EBay. Most were small seller’s ether their daughter got tired of Hello Kitty or individual collect selling off part of their collection. Small sellers are the bread and butter of many collectors; the same small sellers EBay want to drive way leaving fewer opportunities for collectors. Recently a search for Large Hello Kitty Plush results shows a majority of Chinese knockoff sellers. I know my Hello Kitty. It is not the Sanrio direct items I collect.

For the fellow Hello Kitty buyer this mean EBay Best Mach is unreliable only showing volume sellers and not seeing a true representative   of available product because or eBay revokes selling privileges or not listed at best match. The seller and buyer should seek alternatives to EBay. Another option is to utilize social networking to connect with willing buyers than just relying on EBay. For the buyer there is some work around including using Google search and using ending soon or new listing rather relying on best match

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In real life am a 50sh year old, male, Christian out of Portland Oregon. I was smitten by the kitten when I started to collect plush animals and my interest in all things anthropomorphic. I was looking at a Hello Kitty plushie I kept from a successful store liquidation stock I sold on EBay, and I thought why not, I am also what you call a Furry, Furries are subculture who are fans of anthropomorphism in other words a fan of cartoon animals be it art, conventions and costuming, and I have no bones about share my kitty interest, still many fellow furs do not understand me. I am a regular player of HKO and participated in the Founders, SEA and NA Betas.

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