Avril Lavigne’s new Video and Media Manufactured Lynch Mob

Hello Media Bias: first Guns and now this.

The media is in a tizzy over Avril Lavigne’s latest video, Hello Kitty, based on the single.   The media in my opinion falsely charges racism over the use of Japanese dancers and falsely reported the video was pull off YouTube when I still found copies on YouTube. The video was pulled off some channels but the reason was not because the charges the video is racist.

As for the video it is pure pop fluff and a little innuendo and one curse word but racist it is not. What was she suppose to do use only white dancers?   If there any problem have  with the video is the song is suppose to be influenced  by  Lavigne ‘s love for Hello Kitty but Hello Kitty doe not even make one appearance  in the video. The shoot has more of a generic Kawaii J-pop look to it.

Ms Lavigne reply over the racist charge shows how stupid the media was

“RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!! I love Japanese culture and I spend half of my time in Japan. I flew to Tokyo to shoot this video… …specifically for my Japanese fans, WITH my Japanese label, Japanese choreographers AND a Japanese director IN Japan.”

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In real life am a 50sh year old, male, Christian out of Portland Oregon. I was smitten by the kitten when I started to collect plush animals and my interest in all things anthropomorphic. I was looking at a Hello Kitty plushie I kept from a successful store liquidation stock I sold on EBay, and I thought why not, I am also what you call a Furry, Furries are subculture who are fans of anthropomorphism in other words a fan of cartoon animals be it art, conventions and costuming, and I have no bones about share my kitty interest, still many fellow furs do not understand me. I am a regular player of HKO and participated in the Founders, SEA and NA Betas.

One thought on “Avril Lavigne’s new Video and Media Manufactured Lynch Mob

  1. The King does not like Comedy
    The proper repose and insult to Shane Dawson tell don’t quit you day job and FREEBIRD!

    The video stinks, an f-bomb laden attempt that deprived of humor. I have say I like Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty more and that not say much for her song.

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