Cultural Appropriation Protest against Sanrio Stopped on Revelation

Akab News 1 Apr 2017.

A Protest against Sanrio over Western Cultural Appropriation of Japanese culture, concerning Hello Kitty, stopped when Sanrio revealed Hello Kitty is British and not Japanese.

The protest began at 9:00am at Sanrio USA, El Segundo corporate offices. Latter that morning, a spokesperson from Sanrio agreed to meet with the protesters.  The protest went silent when the spokesperson   told about Hello Kitty’s background being that she was in London England.  “First Hello Kitty is not a cat and now this” said one protester who goes by the name Red. The leaders of the protest talked among themselves about this new revelation. Some wanted to continue but others felt the protest is not valid anymore.

The leaders were going to retreat for further dialog when a group of transgender protesters demanded they should continue the protest until their demands were heard. They demanded that Sanrio allows Hello Kitty to self identify  as a gender fluid non binary, noting  Hello Kitty doesn’t have any visible genitalia, therefore biological genitalia is not required to identify oneself as a women. At that statement, the transgender protesters got into a shouting match with the Feminist faction of the protest over the definition of gender. The Police had to intervene and separate both groups until the protesters decide to break up and disperse.

Goodbye Kitty

Donald Trump at campaign stop in New York promises to deport Hello Kitty if he becomes president. He said “she is an illegal Asian immigrant from Japan. That the Japanese demon cat takes millions of American dollars, attention and jobs and ship back to her master in Japan taking , attention and profit from Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, both  true American Icons. Americans should only support American cartoon characters.”

Mr. Trump had back down a bit when it was pointed Hello Kitty is not a cat and identifies herself as a little girl born and raised outside of London.

Hello Kitty fans around the world expressed outrage at Trumps Comments. The Hillary campaign sent out a press release decrying Trumps bigotry and insensitivity. Hillary supports Hello Kitty as a world icon and role model. No word from the Cruz Campaign.

Hello Kitchen Nightmare

kitchen Nightmares

1 April 2015  Akab News:

Sanrio Digital  teams up with Gordon Ramsey of Kitchen Nightmares  in reboot  of Hello Kitty Café game.

In a surprised announcement  Sanrio Digital has  inked preliminary deal with  Gordon Ramsay, of Kitchen Nightmares fame,   in a reboot of Hello Kitty Café.  The game starts out the payer  and Hello Kitty running  the day-to-day cafe operations.  The Play can turn  cafe into the cutest, coziest and happiest place ever. Hire their  favorite Sanrio characters to help,  but as the game  progresses,  it become more difficult  to manage employees, and  supplies. One starts to anger and lose customers.  At this time, the payer  receives a special visit by Gordon  Ramsay who helps the play to revamp the menu, become more efficient manager  and make  a hard decision  to fire Pochacco. Developers plan to release the game in mid July for IOS, Android  and Windows platforms.


Sanrio Digital

From its traditional brick and mortar origins to licensing ventures and virtual worlds, Sanrio Digital is a company always at the gates of innovation.

Sanrio Digital products appear on a wide range of platforms, including online and offline games, mobile content and services, entertainment media, advertising, and the Internet.

Kenwood Sanrio Announces Hello Kitty Ham Radio Collaboration

HK Ham Radio

April 1 2014

Tokyo. QTC News, Hello Kitty has been a busy feline in the last few months. First here was the announcement of the Simpson X Hello Kitty collaboration and Colette Hello Kitty X Playboy collection. Now Sanrio and Kenwood announce a joint collaboration to create limited edition Hello Kitty Ham radio gear. Details are sketchy but be assure Hello Kitty will be featured prominently, quotes  Yuko Yamaguchi, hello kitty chief designer.

Not be outshine, Baofeng announces a limited Hello Kitty edition of their popular UV-5R V2+

Kenwood Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of amateur radio as well as hi-fi and portable audio equipment.

SANRIO, best known for global icon Hello Kitty® and home to many more endearing characters including Chococat®, My Melody®, and Keroppi®, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. August 2010 marks the golden anniversary for the worldwide lifestyle brand that was founded on the “small gift, big smile®” philosophy – that a small gift can bring a big smile to people of all ages. Today, over 50,000 Sanrio-branded items are sold in over 70 countries around the world. In the Western Hemisphere SANRIO character-branded products are sold in upwards of 12,000 locations including department, specialty, national chain stores and over 95 Sanrio boutiques. For more information, please visit