How to Rip off a Buyer

First buy  plush at regular or discount.  I got the one on ht bottom at %60 off during the closeout sale normally $120 to $85 respectfully. Put it a bag  with a bow.  That makes it look expensive. Next miss-measure it by including the feet;  therefore , making a 24 inch plush look like  an 30” plush. I have a post how to correctly  measure  a Sanrio Plush.  Finally jack up the plush  price and roll in the cash.

This really gets to me. eBay is no longer  a reliable place to purchase Sanrio Items due in part of  changes to sellers policies that force out small sellers.


EBay’s Detail Sellers Ratings Cassini Hurts Collectable Buyers

While I do not sell much Hello Kitty Items on the net, I noticed many of my sales of other items were dropping off. The problem is EBay has instituted a new Detail Sellers Rating (DSR) and the new Search algorithm, Cassini that rewards large institutional sellers and knock-off Chinese goods but hurt small and casual sellers. In the past both large and small casual sellers were treated equally on EBay. This system penalizes the casual market to the determent to sellers and collectable buyers alike.

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Selling Hello Kitty on Ebay Get the Measurement Right (a Guide)

Recently I been noticing a rash of miss measured hello Kitty plush on eBay.  Often the seller over estimated the height of the item, for example recently bought an 18 inch hello kitty plush listed as a 25 inch plush.  The problem is the measure was not the actual height from bottom to head. 

The actual height of any Sanrio plush can be accurately measured if the following guidelines are followed: if the plush is in a sitting position with legs out in front, measure the plush in the sitting position; likewise if the plush is in a stand position legs is underneath the body then measure for the standing position.  Second measure the plash from ground (bottom across the nose to top of the head.  Please see the picture below. I came up of the measurements by measuring my Sanrio plushes in my collection listed on Sanrio’s web retail site.

It is very important to proved an accurate measurement o protect one reputation, avoid returns and chargeback and fraud charges especially when Sanrio sell a both an 18in and 24in of the same plush . For the buyer   the buyer needs to beware before purchasing on EBay or used online. Ask for the sitting position measurements before buying.

Correct way to Measure Hello Kitty Correct way to Measure a Hello Kitty Plush Click for larger version

The G Sale Ebay Dilemma



For a few years I have been buying items at yard and estate sales to sell on Ebay. This has left me in a dilemma when it to Sanrio Items. I had a good pull the last few sales. I bought all the items in the picture for a dollar each at three different yard sales. The dilemma is I supposed to by items to sell on EBay but I keep on adding them to my own collection. I know Chibimaru and Derery-Lou would sell on eBay but I am keeping the plushies but I will try to list the rest on EBay . Oh well, the life of a male Hello Kitty Fan.