My Interview with Small Gift Big Story podcast.

Two weeks ago I was interviewed  by  Saumeh and Marty of the  Small Gift Big  Story  podcast.  The pos cast is about  us fans of Sanrio and Hello Kitty and our love  and  stories. I am very honored  to be interview them and gave them  free run of my blogs for  pictures of the cons I took Hello Kitty and Chococat .  The podcast is now  up on soundcoud and  Itunes.

The  sound suffers because I use my phone and I talk to fast. I discuss  my motivation and love of Hello Kitty influenced  by both  my time in Japan and  my involvement   in the Furry Fandom. I hope I represented the fandom well.

Saumeh and Marty are neat people and Hello Kitty fans  the been interviewed by a major paper covering Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary

It is a honor  to be interviewed by both of you.

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Farewell and a New Guild Direction

I recently decided to leave the AllStar Scouts guild only on the NA server and become a free agent. I wall be working on guild ideas within either Hello Kitty Junkies or Furry communities While I am not vindictive, I am somewhat disappointed that the AllStar Scouts have not even placed in the Chocolate event. It shows the state of the guild and a few key players left the guild in the last few weeks makes me question the state of the guild. Godspeed to all my former guild mates

Speaking of furries, I been slowly infiltrating the furry fandom in bring furries over to the Kitty side. Recently I have started a Hello Kitty Furs group on a large Ning social network dedicated to furry fandom. In the first week, I have 12 members. The march to influence the Furry fandom in the name of the kitty continues.