Having A Get Off My Lawn Moment

The cane and clothing from New York makes me looks older.
Actually, my get off my lawn moment is about how Hello Kitty Online had become an insult. It is sad; I just did a Google search and confirm go play hello kitty online has became and insult, very different from 2009 when there was an interest and buzz from the gamer community. The biggest error was braking up the servers to different regions and outsourcing distribution to outside companies like Aeria Games. The decision to outsource had lead to a delayed beta and loss of momentum. In addition, it broke up the international socialization of the game and unnecessarily segmented the market. Other issues are, as other seen, the lack of advertising and not promoting and linking to Sanrio stores and events. HKO should been promoted though the Sanrio 50th anniversary events especially the LA and Miami events. Getting celebrity and their kids endorsements would do wonders.
How I would save the game. First, consolidate all servers to language groups. Second link promotions to Sanrio stores, store purchases can lead to earning coins. Finally fix the social networking aspect. Make guild mean something.