Time to Talk Alternatives for North American Players? Plan B

With the launch of Hello Kitty Indonesia and the beta and plan launch MY/SG, I beginning to wonder about dose Aeria Games have or willing to launch the game in North America. There been no news from them, nor any activity from Sanrio Digital us Headquarters. It makes me put my money Aeria will drop the ball and back out. I would does Sanrio have any plan B or hope MY/SG has the capacity for a bunch of players form North America. Another problem is the economy in the US in the dumps; it is hard for companies to raise capital these days.

I also wonder about the Business structure of Hello Kitty MMORPG. I assume the initial developers were not a US company therefore whose serve were we using during the Beta?  Could Sanrio drop Aeria and just become the first import MMORG.

Sell Aeria Buy Goot.  (if Goot is smart to know the opertunitty  that just dropped into their lap)