Hello Kitty Panel Report

For those who were not aware, I did a panel called the world of Sanrio and Hello Kitty at Kumoricon, Portland / Vancouver premiere  Anime Convention over the labor day weekend. I had 54 in attendance; that is I was running against the popular Masquerade and Cosply contest.  That was 27 time  better than  the attendance at Furlandia. Feed back has been very positive.

Hello KItty Panel

Rainfurrest 2012 and the Month of Con Madness


Instead of putting my con report up I encourage you to check the links below. It has been a very busy September for me. I attended three conventions   in 30 days.

It started with Kumoricon the Anime convention from 1st to 3rd September (see report)

Next I attended Rose City Comic Con form 8th and 9th September (see Report)

September ended with my return to Rainfurrest from 27th to 29th September.

I had a great time connecting to furs I met before.

My con report is here.

This time I decide to split my picture galley form the report.  First up is my Non Fursuit gallery. I wanted to document what is rarely seen   in con photo galleries   attendees other than fursuit. Sometimes I get tired of fursuits videos and pictures all the time I want to show the other side  of a furry con.  

Link to No Fursuit Gallery Here

And of course my Regular gallery

Link to Gallery Here

Kumoricon Weekend

The  Convention and Hello Kitty Panel was a  blast.  I will leave a few pictures for now


I still have Chococat but for the Hello Kitty panel I had to break out Big Kitty. Tiffany graciously allowed be to take a picture with her with my Big Kitty. Tiffany Grant is one of Kumoricn Guest of Honor best known for the English dub voice of Asuka in Neon Genesis Evangelion. When she spoke she did reminded me of Asuka She also has adapted English dub scripts for Hello Kitty Animation Theater and voice acted some of the characters. Oh yes she admits to having ian incurable Hello Kitty addiction. Her Hello Kityized Bathroom was shown in a Japanese Magazine.

The Pannel was well atteded and great.

This year I took my Chococat aroud the con and took a few pictures