Goodwill Mystery solved?

I got this one from Goodwill store in Beaverton for .99 cents. I would like some help identifying the plush origin. It is a McDonald’s plush made in 1999. It is 6 inches tall not your typical US McDonald’s Happy Meal toy size. The tag is in English. The sailor uniform and book bag suggest ether Hong Kong, or Singapore. If from Asia, how did it end up in a Goodwill in Beaverton Oregon? There is a Dear Daniel companion plush.
Update: One eBay listing say this is from Malaysia McDonald promotion. We do have a growing number of SEA Muslims moving in the area


Singapore gripped by Hello Kitty frenzy

Singapore gripped by Hello Kitty frenzy

(AFP) – 18 hours ago

SINGAPORE — Tempers flared and police had to be called in Thursday as anxious Singaporeans rushed to McDonald’s outlets to buy Hello Kitty plush toys being sold by the fastfood chain as a promotion.

Hundreds had begun queueing from Wednesday night to get their hands on a kitten in a skeleton outfit, depicting a character from the German fairy tale “The Singing Bone”.

It was the last of a series of six limited-edition Hello Kitty characters dressed in different outfits from popular fairy tales which were being sold by McDonald’s this month.

In some outlets, chaos broke out amid rampant queue jumping as supplies of the toys ran out soon after the stores opened for business on Thursday.”

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I remember reading a similar situation Singapore in 2000. History repeats itself

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