Big Kitty repalcement

In a previous post I posted how some jerk broke into my tuck and sole my big hello kitty. Today I replaced her.

Moster KittyMeet my new Monster Kitty. She is 32 in tall and weighs in over 8 pounds.  I do not know I can carry her her at any fan convention. I may have to swap day with my small big kitty.

christmas 2012I also pick up Hello Kitty and Hangyodon ornaments.

The Growing Problem Of Cuddle Addiction

It starts with a teddy bear I just want to know how it felt sleeping with a stuffed toy again. The only problem all my bears are guys Then became a fan of the cute one. It has been two years and no sign of stopping. It started with one 18in Hello Kitty plush I got here from ebay but became matty  when I found out they do not machine-wash. The I got a replacement (second form the left) then more from eBay or garage sales (the two and first from the left). The two the right, I have two of each, on to cuddle and one on the collection shelf.

Recently I learned there is no cure; I might need a bigger bed.

Not shown: if I cannot take the one second on the right traveling (no room in the suitcase), I do have a small Build a Bear plush. I plan to get one of the large sleeping Hello Kitty plush. She can be compacted to fit in a suitcase.

ps. there are others, it a furry thing.