Rainfurrest 2012 and the Month of Con Madness


Instead of putting my con report up I encourage you to check the links below. It has been a very busy September for me. I attended three conventions   in 30 days.

It started with Kumoricon the Anime convention from 1st to 3rd September (see report)

Next I attended Rose City Comic Con form 8th and 9th September (see Report)

September ended with my return to Rainfurrest from 27th to 29th September.

I had a great time connecting to furs I met before.

My con report is here.

This time I decide to split my picture galley form the report.  First up is my Non Fursuit gallery. I wanted to document what is rarely seen   in con photo galleries   attendees other than fursuit. Sometimes I get tired of fursuits videos and pictures all the time I want to show the other side  of a furry con.  

Link to No Fursuit Gallery Here

And of course my Regular gallery

Link to Gallery Here