More about Sanrio Store Closings

Yes the Washington Square, Oregon  store is closing but  no date is given yet. Still things are getting weird, it has to do with Nakajima closing all it Sanrio stores, the only ones that will be left are five or so Sanrio owned stores. In other words, there probably be more store closings. The owner of the Washington Square will retire. She said something about Nakajima license to market Hello kitty was pulled and the problem with counterfeit goods.  Did  Nakajima decide to end licensing of Sanrio products or  Sanrio pulled the license?  The plot thickens.

One more thing, it has not escape me how Hello Kitty item are now being sold  outside  the boutique store like what I say at Fry’s today.

Hello KItty at Frys

Hello Kitty Gets Final Word on Gun Debate

Ever since  the tragic shooting of a three year old in Greenville, the media anti gun  has frenzy over Pink Guns reach levels  of pure  insanity  as if they are a  clear and present danger  to  children. Noting can be father for the truth. Worst is even Hello Kitty has been unjustly brought into the news as reporters  simply Google the first Hello Kitty gun image without any further research, slapped it to a story, and proclaimed Sanrio is licensing  Hello Kitty  guns. Even the Wall Street Journal a paper I had some but now less respect had jumped on the Hell Kitty gun frenzy. A simple search n call to Sanrio Inc. would prove that Sanrio is licensing   guns is false. Finally Kitty had enough 


Statement from Sanrio 3/06/2013

Sanrio®, the owner of the Hello Kitty® property, wishes to correct the gross misconceptions cast by recent media reports suggesting that we are involved in the manufacture or sale of Hello Kitty guns. Sanrio has not and will not authorize the manufacture or sale of any gun or firearm and does not condone the use of our intellectual property for the purposes of marketing such merchandise.

Any firearm and/or image featured in these stories was customized and/or digitally manipulated without authorization to include Sanrio’s Hello Kitty copyrighted images and trademarks. Such actions constitute copyright infringement, trademark infringement and dilution. Sanrio’s attorneys will take appropriate legal action against anyone who is manufacturing, selling or displaying such products.

By the way the Wall Street Journal had issue a correction: “Correction: Sanrio, owner of the Hello Kitty property, has never authorized the use of the Hello Kitty character on firearms or other weapons. In early editions of the March 7 Journal, an op-ed on guns that look like toys mistakenly referred to the Hello Kitty character in that context. “

I wonder I helped thing along and posted a copy of the press release in the WSJ’s Comment section. If so this is my first newspaper paper takedown.

Catching up: Yuko Yamaguchi carries on as nurturing parent of Hello Kitty

There some interesting snippets in the article

Why she was hired:

“She became the third Hello Kitty designer in 1980, two years after joining Sanrio straight out of arts university. With her two predecessors having left the company and with Kitty’s popularity declining, Yamaguchi’s mission was to recover sales.”

And as for the future’

“Asked about her next challenge, Yamaguchi said she wants to attract boys.”

“I want boys to join the superhero Ichigoman fan club. Unlike other Sanrio characters, Ichigoman is a fighting character. We aim to make it into an anime and ultimately making it a TV series of a story about a hero.”

already  Sario Japan had put out an    Ichigoman short

IT kind of cute but can it really reach boys? I think Darkcapeman (the black kitty) is a beet fit.

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