What I Been Up to Part 1

I been busy with taxes and licking my woods form my business failure. I been rebuilding slowly and leaning how to properly keep the books and learn to use QuickBooks.

Japan Red Cross for Earthquake relief

March 31 Sanrio donated all proceeds to the Japan Red Cross for Earthquake relief. I picked up a new wallet and small “pocket” plushie. Now some of us furries really like our plushies; one problem it would be awkward to carry around one of a larger plushie at work. The solution is to by a small plush that one can keep in a coat pocket or book bag. Now one has a plushie with them at al times.

Yard Sale Find

Last Sunday I decide to do some yard and estate sale after church. I could not find a certain yard sale but I noticed a country sale a few miles out. At fist I was about to turn back but I finaly found the sale. I wake through went back to my truck then decided to go back and check the toy section where I found this Space Kitty from 2000 and picked her up for 75 cents. The did not have the Dear Daniel version