Closing Sanrio Stores Did Sanrio Made a Mistake?

I replied to an older post about Sanrio in closing it stores has got me thinking.  What is not  widely reported  was Sanrio  was closing its company stores and pushing owner operators to  buy back stores and run them as independent Sanrio stores.   I know this true because I talked to the previous owner of the closed Washington Square store In Oregon. Sanrio wanted her to buy back the store , but at her age, she  decided to retire instead.

Now two years later, I think the way Sanrio approached pulling out of the retail market was the wrong decision. They should had  push spinning off the stores  than outright closing them and relying on big retailers.

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2 thoughts on “Closing Sanrio Stores Did Sanrio Made a Mistake?

  1. I am so disappointed about a lot of Sanrio stores shutting down in the United States since it is a popular country which makes it even more disappointing since many tourists come there regardless of the reason. I hope they can work on opening more Sanrio stores around the country specially the one in New York City in Manhattan because that is where most tourists come, and that is what people usually think of as New York City. I also hope they should at least start opening one store in in the popular cities in a different part of the city than they were before if not everywhere since many tourists come there such as; New York in Manhattan, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Chicago, San Jose, Houston, Dallas and cities like that.

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