Male Hello Kitty Fan a Statutory Rapist?

I just read a disturbing report of a guy who is a Hello kitty fan busted for  unlawful acts with minors under the age of 18. I am not going list any sites. The problem is the lack of corroborating evidence. I check the local papers  I did not see evidence of arrest or arraignment. Usually this  is big news and besides the police will release the story inorder to bring on additional witnesses and victims.

If anything changes s I will update this post.

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In real life am a 50sh year old, male, Christian out of Portland Oregon. I was smitten by the kitten when I started to collect plush animals and my interest in all things anthropomorphic. I was looking at a Hello Kitty plushie I kept from a successful store liquidation stock I sold on EBay, and I thought why not, I am also what you call a Furry, Furries are subculture who are fans of anthropomorphism in other words a fan of cartoon animals be it art, conventions and costuming, and I have no bones about share my kitty interest, still many fellow furs do not understand me. I am a regular player of HKO and participated in the Founders, SEA and NA Betas.

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