Random Thoughts

Well it been a while, I am still looking for a job and dealing with some issues.
It is spring and the start of the grange sale estate sale season. I do the g-sale to eBay thing; I do make a small profit from sales.
You know you’re a Hello Kitty fan if you plan your g-sale route around sales that are selling Sanrio Items. (Guilty as charged).

Speaking of yard sales, I notice the reason many are selling Hello Kitty Items is their daughters has lost interest. This got me thinking, with many adults hello kitty fans, I am wonder how many are hello kitty fans from childhood, and how may became fans again on the rebound as adults.

I am playing around with Audacity, a free podcast recorder and editor, I am thinking in doing a Furry Podcast with more furry Conservative and Christian slant. One segment will be hello kitty news and Hello Kitty Hell today (what on the Hello Kitty Hell site)
I al ready tried a test recording; I got a long way to go before going public.

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