Kitty at NewCon PDX

Newcon PDX is a new a multi genre convention (Anime, Fantasy and Science Fiction) during the weekend  of 29th and 30th December. Both my big Hello Kitties was my accompanying plushies. I had a great time. Not much kitty spotting this time.

With we  Males fans a rare breed I found it amusing of all places I would run into another male  fan. ( Van Shoes, Backpack and belt)

Medusa loves my Hello Kitty Plush

Click Here for Convention report and more pictures.


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About Actonrf

In real life am a 50sh year old, male, Christian out of Portland Oregon. I was smitten by the kitten when I started to collect plush animals and my interest in all things anthropomorphic. I was looking at a Hello Kitty plushie I kept from a successful store liquidation stock I sold on EBay, and I thought why not, I am also what you call a Furry, Furries are subculture who are fans of anthropomorphism in other words a fan of cartoon animals be it art, conventions and costuming, and I have no bones about share my kitty interest, still many fellow furs do not understand me. I am a regular player of HKO and participated in the Founders, SEA and NA Betas.

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